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Industrial Cleaners / Degreasers


Essential Non-Butyl Degreaser - 5 Gal.

Formulated with fast acting detergents and alkaline builders to cut through heavy grease and grime. Multi-surface application. Will not corrode aluminum. Non-butyl formula for added safety and no harsh fumes. USDA A1 approved.  ea
Alternate #359DG-5

C.S.I. Blue Sky Concentrate - 5 Gal. Pail

Industrial strength degreaser floats away grease, oil, dirt, soap scum, light carbon, and other grime. USDA A1 approved. Hi-powered degreaser. Variable dilution rate - from 1-12 oz per gallon. All-purpose, all-surface - use wherever heavy soil is found. Butyl-based detergent for hard-to-handle cleaning jobs.  ea
Alternate #354-5

EnvirOx® Blue Empty Spray Bottle For Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Silk screened, color coded spray bottle for light duty dilution.  ea
Alternate #8-554-EO2L

EnvirOx® Empty Spray Bottle For Industrial Degreaser

Single spray bottle & foaming spray head.  ea
Alternate #8-554-GR

EnvirOx® Green Certified Multi-Purpose Cleaner - Gal.

One product two dilutions 95% of general cleaning. Unique hydrogen peroxide formulation. Leaves surfaces virtually residue-free, reducing re-soiling. Use on any water safe surface. Cuts grease with neutral pH. Green Seal™ Certified.  4/cs
Alternate #113-04B

EnvirOx® Green Certified Industrial Degreaser - Gal.

Improved cleaning power. Plant derived renewable resource ingredients. Reduced Aquatic Toxicity. Reduced Human Toxicity. Improved Biodegradability. Low VOC's. Heavy degreasing with power, safety and sustainability for all your industrial needs. Neutral pH with no bleaching, fading or damage that occurs. Safe for any water-safe surface. Attacks grease not you!  4/cs
Alternate #143-04B

EnvirOx® Orange Empty Spray Bottle For Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Silk screened, color coded spray bottle for heavy duty dilution.  ea
Alternate #8-554-EO2H

Essential Citrus d-Limonene Degreaser - Gal.

Industrial strength d-limonene degreaser contains no butyl or other glycol ethers, petroleum solvents or alkalies. Natural, non-toxic, non-caustic and biodegradable. Removes sticker residue and gum from floors.  4/cs
Alternate #1185DG

Essential Orange Essence™ #2 Citrus Degreaser - Gal.

Powerful d-Limonene degreaser strips heavy grease, oil, soot, tar and adhesives from most surfaces. Formulated at moderate pH to be user-safe. Contains no butyl, alkalis, petroleum solvents, phosphates. Contains no SARA 313 reportable chemicals.  4/cs
Alternate #1182DG

Prime Source® Citra Kleen Cleaner/Degreaser - Gal.

Made from pure citrus extracts. Low foaming. Ideal for use in automatic scrubbers. Fresh citrus fragrance.  4/cs
Alternate #75004140

Prime Source® Tuf Duty Cleaner/Degreaser - Gal.

Heavy duty multi-purpose cleaner/degreaser. Fast grease cutting action. Removes embedded soils easily.  4/cs
Alternate #75004130