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Bowl Cleaners


C.S.I. Klinging Bowl Cleaner - Qt.

25% phosphoric acid. Cleans surfaces without leaving a dulling film, safe for toilets, urinals, showers, bathtubs and tile. Removes soap scum and hard water deposits quickly. USDA C2 approved.  12/cs
Alternate #2841-Q12

Misty® Bolex Bathroom & Washroom Cleaner - Qt.

This highly concentrated blend of detergents, inorganic acids, wetting agents, and rinse additives is specifically formulated to keep toilet bowls and urinals bright & sparkling clean. Regular maintenance use of this product will help to clean traps and lines, aiding in preventing clogs. This product may be used to recondition badly soiled bowls and urinals or for use as a regular maintenance housekeeping product. By removal of mineral scale, organic matter & stains from bowl and urinal surfaces, the source of offensive odors is eliminated.  12/cs
Alternate #B0092512Q

Misty® NAB Bathroom & Washroom Cleaner - Qt.

This product is a powerful cleaner with a pleasant minty fragrance. It is non-acidic, non-abrasive and does not contain any harmful solvents. This biodegradable product will not harm porcelain, fiberglass, plastic, clothing, carpeting, plumbing or septic tanks. Use to safely clean toilets, urinals, sinks, tubs, showers, restroom partitions, ceramic tile walls and floors and other restroom surfaces. When used regularly this product prevents the formation of hard water deposits and uric acid salts.  12/cs
Alternate #B0092012Q

Misty® Secure Bathroom & Washroom Cleaner - Qt.

This highly specialized blend of detergents, wetting agents, and acid makes this bowl and urinal cleaner easy to use, fast acting and very effective for the removal of stains, mineral scale and organic matter. Product may be used to recondition badly soiled bowls and urinals or as a maintenance product for regular housekeeping. The removal of these soils and debris will keep bowls and urinals bright, clean and fresh smelling. The viscosity of the product makes it easy to use, reduces waste and aids in cleaning under the rim of the bowl.  12/cs
Alternate #B0093012Q

Prime Source® Luster Non-Acid Bowl/Bathroom Cleaner -32 oz

Kills HIV-1 (AIDS Virus), TB, MRSA, VRSA and VRE. Thickened to cling to vertical surfaces. EPA registered.  12/cs
Alternate #75004036