Tomcat XR Rider Scrubbers

Tomcat® XR Rider Scrubber - 34" Cylindrical

Tomcat XR Rider Scrubbers

The XR series rider floor scrubbers combine the productivity of rider floor scrubbers with the maneuverability of walk-behind floor scrubbers. Tomcats are designed to clean schools, malls, warehouses, retail outlets, while standing up to the daily rigors of contract cleaning. With two specialized cleaning systems to choose from, Tomcat rider floor scrubbers offer the performance and capacity required to clean your unique application. The two "Disk" machines, with 33" to 40" scrub paths, offer gimbaled brush drive and 35% more scrubbing power than competitive brands. The "Cylindrical" machines, offer all the performance of disk type rider scrubbers plus the ability to sweep the floor while scrubbing. The cylindrical scrub deck picks up wood chips, nails, broken glass, gravel, and metal chips. The debris is held in the convenient slide-out hopper, which permits easy disposal. The scrub decks include adjustable wipers and curtains, for unmatched water control. All components are made of heavy gauge steel. Motor Power: (2) 1.5 hp. (6) 325 AH batteries. Vacuum Power: 1.6 hp.

370-34TC Tomcat® XR Rider Scrubber - 34" Cylindrical

TOM 370-34TD Tomcat® XR Rider Scrubber - 34" Disk

370-40TC Tomcat® XR Rider Scrubber - 40" Cylindrical

370-40TD Tomcat® XR Rider Scrubber - 40" Disk

370--45TD Tomcat® XR Rider Scrubber - 45" Disk

370-46TC Tomcat® XR Rider Scrubber - 46" Cylindrical